MMTC Media Brokers

MMTC Media Brokers have successfully represented minority and non-minority buyers and sellers in a variety of media asset transactions, with at total value at over $1.8 Billion.  In 2011, MMTC Broadcasting was the 7th largest broadcast broker in the United States, ending the year with 13 transactions valued at $23 million.


MMTC Media Brokers have transactional experience finding media properties and brokering sales.  On occasion, these transactions lead to Local Marketing Agreements (LMAs).  Through LMAs, the seller or MMTC will retain the FCC license while the entrepreneurs operate the station, cover all costs, and have the option to purchase the station within the agreed amount of time.


In the evolving world of communications, one key to success holds true: partnerships make all of the difference.  Whether looking to purchase your first station or to increase your existing portfolio, from the first step through the close of the transaction, MMTC Media Brokers work tirelessly with partners to achieve their objectives.

Radio is a cash flowing business with a large audience base. [Link to (Arbitron, Mar. 13, 2012): ]


Low Power Television (LPTV) is a valuable medium that can provide local service and programming to niche markets and small communities.  LPTV provides a unique entry point to ownership and LPTV stations have a lot of flexibility with respect to programming.  In 2011, MMTC received a donation of 147 LPTV stations from Trinity Broadcasting.  By the end of 2011, MMTC Media Brokerage had secured owners for 89 of these stations.  To promote diverse ownership, MMTC works with diverse buyers, minorities, and women-owned businesses, as well as buyers willing to commit funding, time, and talent for MMTC’s training and mentoring programs.