MMTC Media Brokerage is committed to working with minorities, women, and new entrants looking to take their business to the next level while promoting broadcast diversity.  Whether buying your first media property or expanding your media portfolio, MMTC Media Brokerage has experience helping entrepreneurs, new entrants, and minorities and women identify and secure media assets.  The first step for new entrants is to perform due diligence on the industry and business ownership.  Once you have a feel for media ownership, its time to create your business plan.

Due Diligence Links:

✤  Six Steps to Avoid Unwanted Delays in Closing a Transaction
This article provides practical advice on steps that parties can take to ensure prompt closing broadcast transactions.

✤  The National Association of Broadcasters
NAB is the trade association that represents radio and television broadcasters.  This website contains valuable research and industry information, including:

✤  The Radio Advertising Bureau
The Radio Advertising Bureau provides resources and support to enhance radio advertising and marketing.  MMTC has an access code for our partners to use.

✤  TVB:  Television Broadcasting Marketing
The TVB Trade Association provides resources and resources on local marketing solutions for advertisers.

✤  The Small Business Administrations
This government website is a mecca of information for business planning.  From starting your business, certifying your business as an 8(a) or another business designation, growing it, and maintaining success after you are up and running.  The SBA business plan template takes you step by step through the planning process and provides tips along the way.  Fill in the prompts about your business and you will be one step closer to a comprehensive and compelling business plan.

✤  10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Business

✤  10 Steps from Idea to Business 

✤  6 Part Series on Becoming a Business Owner 

✤  How to get Certified as a Veteran-Owned Business 

✤  How to Become a Benefit Corporation

✤  Finding Funding:  6 Capital Funding Sources for Minority Businesses

✤  Finding Funding:  New Rules of Getting a Small Business Loan


Business Plan Templates:

✤  Business Plan Creation Checklist
Before sitting down to write your plan, go through this checklist for a step by step approach to creating an effective business plan.

✤  MMTC Media Brokerage Business Plan Template
MMTC Media Brokerage has created a business plan template using the SCORE and SBA templates to address the key issues in broadcast ownership.

This SBA supported nonprofit provides many useful resources for emerging entrepreneurs from templates to mentoring.

This website provides an opportunity to review business plans along with practical tips on how to approach your business plan.

✤  Take the Pain Out of Writing A Business Plan
This article offers general advice on  how to organize and create your business plan.