Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council

No Broadband Left Behind-Empowering Communities of Color to Excel through Digital Education and STEM

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No Broadband Left Behind:  Empowering Communities of Color to Excel through Digital Education and STEM    

Description:  The discussion will provide a look at current best practices and future trends for bringing Digital Learning and STEM education initiatives into the classroom.

Presiding Officer:
Ari Fitzgerald, Partner, Hogan Lovells; Secretary of the Board, MMTC

Jim Shelton, Deputy Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

Special Presentation:
Patrick Gusman, Managing Director, Social Sector Innovations, LLC Youth from Howard University Middle School for Mathematics and Science

Brigitte F. Daniel, Executive Vice President, Wilco Electronic Systems, Inc.
Frederick S. Humphries, Jr., Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs, Microsoft Corporation
Laura Breeden, Program Director for Public Computing and Broadband Adoption, National Telecommunications and Information Administration
Miles Peterson, Student, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science
Ana Roca-Castro, Founder and Chair, Latinos in Tech Innovation & Social Media (#LATismM)