Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council

Connecting People to Opportunities in a Digital Economy

MMTC – Who We Are (PDF Version)

Who We Are
The Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council (MMTC) is generally recognized as the nation’s leading advocate for the advancement of minorities and women in the media, telecommunications, and high tech industries. Our goal is to connect people to opportunities created in a digital economy.

We advocate for policies that promote:

  • Technology as a means to bridge the digital divide, the homework gap, and the wealth gap.
  • STEM education, mentoring, and professional development as the on-ramps to the careers of tomorrow.
  • Opportunities for minorities and women to create businesses and to succeed as entrepreneurs in media, telecom, and tech.
  • Broadband access and proficient use of technology as necessities for full participation in society.

What We Do

At MMTC, we achieve our mission through multiple activities at both the national policy and grassroots levels. Specifically, we:

  • Convene several conferences, meetings, and seminars.

o   Annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit

o   Annual Access to Capital and Telecom Policy Conference

o   Annual Net Equality Tour, visiting partner organizations’ conferences across the nation to engage and interact with the public on a grassroots level

o   Quarterly “Best Minds” policy committee meetings to keep our local and national constituents informed on key issues

o   Semi-annual New Telecom and Internet Policy Task Force meetings, comprised of media and telecom policy experts and led by bipartisan former members of Congress

o   Quarterly Digital Equality Roundtable convenings of national civil rights leaders and organizations

  • Conduct and publish research studies and White Papers on the impact of the latest media, telecom, and tech issues on historically underrepresented groups and entrepreneurs.
  • File comments and briefs in proceedings before the FCC, Congress, and the courts.
  • Facilitate management, training, and ownership opportunities for minority and women entrepreneurs through our media and telecom brokerage.
  • Publish the Broadband and Social Justice ( weblog and newsletter covering the latest media, telecom, and tech issues (over 13,000 subscribers).