Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council

High Tech Policy Luncheon

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High Tech Policy Luncheon: Empowering Education, Entrepreneurship, Health, and Civic Participation through Broadband

Description:  Speakers discuss the innovative opportunities that broadband unleashes to solve some of our greatest social challenges (e.g. poverty, discrimination, crime rate, healthcare, education, etc.).  Speakers will stress the importance of expedient universal broadband access, adoption, and informed use to get us to what lies ahead once the infrastructure is in place and we have a citizenry with the skills and ability to take advantage of the resources that broadband provides.

  • Presiding Officer:  Nicol Turner-Lee, Ph.D, President and CEO, NAMIC, Member, MMTC Board of Directors
  • State of Social Justice Keynote Address
    • David Honig, President, MMTC
  •  Keynote Address
    • Hon. Jonathan S. Adelstein, President, PCIA; Former, FCC Commissioner; Former Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture (RUS-USDA)
  •   One-on-One Interview with a Digital Entrepreneur
    • Eric Hamilton, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Around the Way™ (mobile application); Founder, The Web Academy