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MMTC’s Kim Keenan Believes in Radio’s Potential

Radio World

November 12, 2015

Radio World magazine interviewed MMTC President and CEO Kim Keenan on MMTC activities and advocacy activities at the FCC. 

RW: Why does MMTC spend time and effort on radio issues at the FCC?

Keenan: Radio may be widely considered an “old” or “heritage” technology; but age is a sign of maturity and resilience. One of the key things about AM radio is that it’s been the entry technology for diverse ownership in the media and telecom space. Two-thirds of minority-owned radio stations are AMs, and most minority FM and television station owners got their start in AM. Also important, AM dominates the talk realm, encouraging the listening public to engage in discourse and discussion, and a great many minority-owned stations have extensive programming for that purpose. That’s especially true for multilingual stations, which provide vital news and information to their communities. – See more at:


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