Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council

FCC Commissioners’ Breakfast 2016

Platform Neutrality and Minority Opportunity in the Digital Age

Description: During the Obama Administration, the Federal Communications Commission has considered a number of issues impacting opportunities for diverse participation and ownership:  broadband access, foreign investment, the predicted spectrum shortage, and new media distribution platforms. As we near the end of this administration, the four FCC Commissioners discuss the recent and future impact of the Commission’s decisions, covering such issues as the Lifeline Program, E-Rate, broadband access, net neutrality, diverse programming, zero-rating, and spectrum auctions.


  • Hon. Deborah Taylor Tate, Executive Director, Tennessee Supreme Court Office of the Courts; Former Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission; Vice Chair, MMTC Board of Directors

Opening Remarks:

  • Hon. Gordon Smith, President, National Association of Broadcasters; Former Member, U.S. Senate


  • Hon. Mignon L. Clyburn, Commissioner and Former Acting Chairwoman, Federal Communications Commission
  • Hon. Michael O’Rielly, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Hon. Ajit Pai, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission
  • Hon. Jessica Rosenworcel, Commissioner, Federal Communications Commission

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