Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council

MMTC Urges FCC to Consider Consequences of Set Top Box Proposal

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2016 BBSJ Summit Photos

Multicultural Media, Telecom and Internet Council’s (MMTC) 7th Annual Broadband and Social Justice Summit, “Thirty Years of Changing Channels: Platforms for the Future.” MMTC is celebrated our 30th Anniversary as the leading national nonprofit organization advocating for diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity in media and telecom.

FCC Proposal Undermines Media Diversity in Video Marketplace

In particular, MMTC is concerned that Chairman Wheeler’s current proposal would force programmers and distributors to disaggregate their shows and services, ...MORE.

Secondary Market Transactions

MMTC Urges FCC to Implement Incentives that Foster Minority Participation in Secondary Market Transaction

Inmate Calling Services and Foreign Ownership

MMTC Congratulates FCC on Votes to Adopt Rate Caps on Inmate Calling Services and to Relax the Foreign Broadcast Ownership Review Process

23 National Orgs Urge FCC to Reform Inmate Calling Services

The undersigned 23 national civil rights and social justice organizations (“the Civil Rights Coalition”), representing thousands of constituents, urge the Commission to institute comprehensive reforms to inmate calling services (ICS) that will create more affordable rates for the incarcerated and their families.