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Broadband – The Backbone of the New Economy

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Broadband:  The Backbone of the New Economy

Description:  Industry leaders discuss how telecom and broadband regulatory reform can advance jobs and economic opportunity, how the FCC can best respond to market trends, and how the FCC should examine its rules to enable diversity and innovation while reducing barriers to entry.

Presiding Officer:
Hon. Julia L. Johnson, President, NetCommunications, Inc.; Board Chair, MMTC

Opening Remarks:
Hon. William E. Kennard, Former Chairman, FCC; Former U.S. Ambassador to the European Union

Hon. Jonathan Adelstein, Former Commissioner, FCC; President and CEO, PCIA

Fernando Laguarda, Vice President, External Affairs and Policy Counselor, Time Warner Cable
Joan Marsh, Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs, AT&T
Craig Silliman, Senior Vice President of Public Policy, Verizon