Picks of the Week

December 23, 2012

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At BBSJ, we believe that positive actions to close the digital divide and improve technology should be celebrated, and hindrances to those efforts should be publicized. To further this goal and help underscore the importance of closing the Digital Divide, our Editor selects “Picks of the Week,” whereby we recognize noteworthy individuals in the telecommunications and technology industries and point out those who impede technological progress.

The Geek of the Week Award goes to minorities and women who have made significant contributions within the media, telecommunications, and technology industries. The award also goes to anyone whose position in the industries benefits minorities, women, and low-income individuals, or their businesses. Being a “Geek” is good in the digital age!

The People’s Hero Award is for individuals who have used 21st century technology, mass media, or telecommunications to close the Digital Divide or improve the lives of others in some way.

The Multicultural/Digital Entrepreneur Award is primarily awarded to minorities and women who have created businesses in media, telecommunications, or technology. The award can also go to anyone who has created a related business specifically to benefit minority, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged individuals.

The Digital Divider of the Week is a person, entity, or incident that has in some way set us back in our path to closing the Digital Divide, or used technology in a way that negatively impacts others. While this is not an “award,” we believe pointing out Digital Dividers serves to remind us just how much work is left to do to create a safe and ubiquitous digital world.