June 2012

Geek of the Week Camille Acey Camille Acey is the operations associate at OpenGeo, creator of a Suite of Web mapping software designed to solve geospatial IT issues for governments, businesses, transit agencies, and other enterprises around the world, including the FCC. Acey is also a member of OpenPlans, a group of passionate people working […]

Geek of the Week Kara Swisher Kara Swisher is the co-executive editor of All Things Digital, a Web site devoted to news, analysis and opinion on technology, the Internet, and media. Swisher has covered digital issues since 1997, when she worked for The Wall Street Journal’s San Francisco bureau and authored its BoomTown column. In […]

Geek of the Week Amrita Chandra Amrita Chandra is the general manager at Sequentia Environics, a company that helps businesses generate value for their customers through marketing communications, content generation, and program analytics. In this role, Chandra is responsible for management and growth of the company by leading strategic and business planning, marketing, business development, […]

Geek of the Week Maryam Banikarim Maryam Banikarim is the senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Gannet, a media and marketing solutions company with a diverse portfolio of broadcast, digital, mobile and publishing companies. In this role, Banikarim is responsible for all companywide marketing, communications, and research efforts. In addition to her current […]